2017 6×12 Project Life Title Pages

6x12 Project Life Album Layouts

Yikes, it has been way too long since I posted my Project Life pages. Truth is, I was very behind. Like, several months behind and I still am. I’ve only caught up to March of this year and it’s already June! But I wanted to share with you this years scrapbook title page.

Project Life Pocket Scrapbook Page Sequin Shaker Title Page

I have decided to change things up again. Last year for 2016 I did a 6″ x 8″ PL album. I love the smaller size. 12×12 is just too big for me and can be a bit overwhelming at times. This year I upped the size a bit and I’m doing 6×12. I love this size, it’s super modern and it’s basically like doing one 12×12 layout instead of two.

Pocket scrapbook pages Project Life PL 6 x 12 Title Page Layout Idea

6×12 Project Life Title Page

There are a couple of things I always like to include in my title pages.

  1. The year
  2. A picture of myself
  3. Recap of the previous year and what I’m looking forward to this year
  4. A set of goals so I can document them within the album when they happen

6x12 Project Life Title Page with sequin shaker pocket

This year I am trying to do more creative things in my album. I’m adding lots of sewing, shaker pockets, acrylic pages, transparencies and flip pages. For the title page, I added a sequin pocket with the year. I sewed across the centre of the page where the numbers are. This added a nice bit of texture and I love how it looks.

Project Life Title Page Ideas

I’ve also been making all of my own journaling cards. I wanted to go with square cards this year instead of rounded ones so I decided I’d make my own. Making my own journaling cards and trying to be more creative with the pockets is making each page take longer because I have to actually plan them out now.

6x12 Project Life Album Layouts

Making my own journaling cards is nice because I can keep the same fonts and colours throughout the entire album. I like consistency.

6 x 12 Project life Scrapbook Pocket Pages

More PL layouts coming soon. What is your favourite method of memory keeping? Let me know in the comments down below.

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