5 Ways to Stay Productive with a Paper Planner

Planner stencils make it easy to organize and decorate your planner.

If you’re like me, you understand that there’s just something magical about using a paper planner—something which makes you feel productive, energetic, and sometimes even happy about the multitude of work you have to do. If you’ve yet to be converted to the world of planners, trust me. You’re in store for a treat.

How to use a planner, you ask? Well, there’s no right way, but there are some tips and tricks you can use to up your game. Whether you’re a veteran or just getting started, check out these five tips to make the most out of your favorite planner.

cute planner stickers
Cute planner stickers will make you want to look at your planner over and over again.
  1. Utilize each and every part of your planner—that means the blank section for each month and the weekly sidebar, too. Extra lists, annual events, goals, and overarching project tasks belong in those places, giving you a big-picture view of what you want to accomplish each week and month.
  • Use your favorite colors, stickers, or tapes. The more that your planner brings you visual joy, the more likely you’ll be to use it consistently. Plus, you should never underestimate the power of color coding.
  • Be consistent. No, this doesn’t mean that you should make each and every page look the same. Instead of filling page after page with identical patterns and colors, try something new. The most important thing is that you’re consistently filling and reviewing your planner at the same time of day and creating a routine.
stay productive with a paper planner
How to stay productive with a paper planner.
  • Make it personal. If you’ve never thought you could use a planner as a scrapbook, you’re dead wrong. Fill blank spaces with pictures, or pick a theme for each month and decorate the pages to your heart’s content. Get active with your planner to make completing tasks more fun.
  • Use your planner as an excuse to treat yourself. Yes, fans of online shopping and crafty trinkets will be ecstatic to know that designers across the world specialize in creating customized planner stickers and templates.
5 ways to stay productive using a paper planner

If you don’t yet use a planner to stay productive throughout the year, there’s no better time to start than now. Make sure to pick a planner you like, because you’ll be seeing a lot of it!

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