How to Add Video to Your Scrapbook

Adding Video to a Scrapbooking Album

Adding Video to a Scrapbooking Album

I love interactive scrapbooks. It’s so much fun to be able to flip through a mini album and find hidden pockets, folds, photos and journaling cards. Since I’m obsessed with making my mini albums as interactive as possible I set out to add videos to my mini albums, scrapbooks and pocket scrapbooking layouts. I hope this quick tutorial helps some of you also learn how to add video to your photos, journaling cards and scrapbooks.

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How to Quickly and Easily Add a Video to Your Scrapbook or Project Life Album

Step 1 – Make a Video

This is the easy part. I usually take a couple of videos on my phone during any outing or adventure. If there are special things I want to remember like birthdays or anniversaries I try to get a couple of videos and edit them together with an app on my phone. iMovie is pretty easy to use and it’s free from the App Store. Quik is great for Android users.

Step 2 – Upload it

You will need somewhere to host your video. Instagram and YouTube are the two easiest. YouTube does allow you to have private videos if you don’t want them showing up in search. Once you have your video uploaded you will need to copy the URL.

Step 3 – Make a QR Code

How to Make a QR Code For Scrapbooking

I use QR code Generator to make a quick QR code. Just paste in the URL. The QR code will automatically generate in the box on the right. Click save to save the image to your computer.

Step 4 – Print out the QR Code

To be able to add the code to one of your scrapbooks or mini albums you will need to print it out. There are lots of options for printing it. You can print it out on regular paper, cut it out and glue it into your scrapbook. Another option is to print it directly onto a journaling card or photo.

Step 5 – Test it Out

How ot Add Video to Your Project Life Journal Cards

Once you have your QR code printed, test it out. Grab your phone and scan it with a free QR Reader app. If everything worked correctly you should see your video start playing right on your phone.

How to Quickly Add Video to Your Scrapbook

You now have an interactive video right in your scrapbook that anyone can see when they open it up to check out your memories.

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