Baroque Pocket Page SVG

baroque pocket page svg
baroque pocket page svg

This is probably one of the easiest pocket pages you will ever put together for your mini album. This cute little baroque pocket page is not only easy to put together but also free. I wanted a cute little mini pocket page that I could put in all of my mini albums. This is an easy page to make and it looks great.

Baroque Pocket Page SVG

I used this page in a new baby boy mini album I am making for a friend. I wanted to fill the album with a lot of different pockets because who doesn’t love an interactive mini album and scrapbook. I cannot wait to give it to her, I believe she is going to love it. This one was cut out using designer paper. I decorated the back of my page a little and added a photo mat but I figured that two of these could probably be cut out and then glued together to make a double sided pocket page.

baroque pocket page svg

I think I am going to start using this cute pocket page in all of my mini albums because it is so simple and easy. I am thinking about making a few more pocket page templates with different shapes. A heart one for Valentine’s Day, maybe a shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day or even Mickey Mouse ears for a Disney mini album!

free svg pocket page template

Downloads Free Baroque SVG

Instructions are simple, cut, fold and glue.


As always our downloads are free to use for whatever you want. Attribution is much appreciated but not required. We hope you enjoy this baroque pocket page SVG and let us know if you liked it by leaving a comment for us below.


Got a request for an SVG you would like to see? Don’t be afraid to ask, we always need new ideas on what freebies to provide.


  1. Im the dummy who doesn’t get how this works. LOL I see the top folds over. What are tabs for? And what is the back? maybe it goes directly on a page? Can you tell I am new to this??? LOL Thank You!

  2. Thank you so much for your kindness, I’m very knew to using svg despite having had the machines !! several. So I will try your pocket’s in the books that I have to make. Big hugs Jackie Albert

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