Best Free Cutable Cursive Script Fonts

Hey paper crafters! If you’ve ever wondered what the best free cutable cursive script fonts are, I’m here to share my favorites with you! I have been using these 10 fonts for cutting all of my titles and embellishments and I think you should to. All of these fonts can be used to make perfect script die cuts with your Silhouette or other digital electronic cutter.

1. Lavenderia – Lavenderia is a great cursive script font. I use this one a lot. I love it because it looks like custom script. It comes in different weights so you can get just the right look.


2. Lobster 1.4 – Lobster is a beautiful font that makes reminds me of the pier in San Francisco. Lobster is a perfectly cuttable script font with a lot of character. It is beautiful for nautical themes but also for everyday.


3. Lauren Script – Lauren script is perfect when you really want something to look hand written. It has the look of something that I would actually write. I often use it to print on my journaling cards so it looks as though I actually wrote it myself.


4. Mission Script – The individual letters of mission script are lovely. They all connect together flawlessly and it cuts beautifully with the Silhouette and the Eclips.

wisdom-script5. Wisdom Script – Industrial meets vintage is what I see when I look at mission script. It’s a gorgeous easy to read font that welds together beautifully.


6. Pacifico – Pacifico is another font that really reminds me of my own handwritting. It’s bold and curvy just how I like my cuttable script fonts. The sturdiness of the letters in the pacifico font mean that you can make cuts a lot smaller than some other fonts.


7. Remachine Script – This is a truly retro font with great weight. It will cut easy, look great and give the feeling of retro nostalgia.


8. Sacramento – I love, love, love this font! This is probably my favorite of the bunch for it’s dainty-ness. That being said, it isn’t the easiest one to cut. You will probably have to cut this one out larger and nice and slow but it really gives a perfect handwritten die cut.


9. Channel – All I think about when I look at this script is baseball. Type in the name of your sons little league team, add a baseball and you have a title ready to go.


10. Intrique Script – Another great retro looking font that cuts beautifully with your machine.

Tips and Tricks for Cutting Script Fonts

Whenever you are cutting a script font make sure that you weld your letters together this makes sure that your word all come out in one piece. In some areas, especially where the letters connect the lines may be very thin. It’s best to set your cutter to cut slowly so you get the best, most accurate cuts possible. Lift your words out carefully and slowly.

Premium Cuttable Fonts

Don’t forget to check out the list of my favorite premium cuttable fonts. We tested out tons of fonts and picked our favorite script and serif fonts just for you.

My Favorite Premium Cuttable Fonts |

If you liked this post please let me know in the comments down below. Feel free to share your favorite cuttable script fonts as well!


  1. Thanks for these suggestions. I am still trying to figure out a lot on my Silhouette Cameo and this will be a great help!

  2. Thank you 🙂
    Beautiful selection, I have a couple already so that’s great!!
    The artist seems to be charging for the Lauren font now 🙁

  3. Are these all reputable websites that I can get the fonts from? I do not feel comfortable downloading in case there are viruses, etc.

    1. I haven’t cut them that small but yes, they should be good. I would recommend doing a few test quotes with some of the more difficult letters at the size you want like the letter e.

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