Best Scrapbooking Tools for a Beginner

We have all been there, looking for the best tools to get the job done. I remember beginning scrapbooking and not knowing where to start. I had a photo, some patterned paper and a glue stick. It was ugly but it got the job done. I have been scrapbooking for a while and there is no doubt in my mind that every scrapbooker needs the right tools for scrapbooking. Some of these you may have already and some may be new to you. Either way, I hope this list serves both new to scrapbooking folks and those seasoned scrapbookers that maybe want a better way to do things.

Cheap Scrapbooking Supplies

Keep in mind that these are scrapbooking tools, not decorative products or stamps that is a whole different list for another time. These are the things I use all the time but you do not see in my probjects. This list compiles all of my most haves, favorite products and the things that I just can’t stop using. The best part about this list, most of these items are under $40 on sale or with a coupon. This makes for amazing and cheap scrapbooking supplies.

  • Corner Chomper $17.14 – There is no doubt that rounded corners added a decent amount of flare to scrapbook layouts. This corner rounder by We R Memory Keepers gets the job done with ease in one hand held tool.
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  • Martha Stewart Score Board $13.27 – For card makers this is an absolute must. I am obsessed with perfect folds and this score board gets the job done flawlessly. My envelopes, cards and pocket pages have never looked better.
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  • Tailor’s Awl $3.90 – You are probably looking at this one wondering what I use this for. Well, I often find that I need to make holes in paper, cards and scrapbook pages for things like brads but I have a hard time pushing the brads through paper and getting it in the exact position I want. I’ve tried using scissors to make small holes but they always end up too big. Enter the ball point awl, a perfectionists dream. This makes it easy to make holes for brads and eyelets without any big clunky tools just handheld, precision to make perfect on point holes every time.
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  • Fiskar’s Easy Stamp Press $10.97 – I received one of these as a gift a long, long time ago and didn’t open it for the longest time. One day I was trying to stamp a large image and didn’t have an acrylic block large enough. I picked up these thing and never went back. This stamp press makes to easy to mount big or small stamps with a large surface and great little foam feet that hover above your work space so you can get the placement just right.
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  • Sizzix Big Shot $59.88 – This little multi functional machine is super handy for die cuts and embossing. Die cuts and embossing folders can get expensive but I have found that buying used ones on ebay makes for cheap scrapbooking supplies. Also, check the local yard sales and swap meets for dies and embossing folders.
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  • ATG Tape Glider $19.99 – This thing never leaves my desk. It is a bit clunky sometimes and it often squeaks but it makes it so easy to lay down a strip of adhesive with only one hand. Wet adhesives take too long to dry but this adhesive dries instantly and has an unbelievable hold.
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  • Tim Holtz Tonic Scissors $9.70 – Comfort is a big issue with most scissors I own. Either they cut fine details and feel awful on my fingers or they are far too big and clunky but feel great. With these Tim Holtz Scissors I get the best of both worlds. Not only do they feel amazing because they are cushioned but they cut like a dream. You will be weaving in and out of the most intricate cuts with ease. They are not too big and not too small, plus one side is serrated and gives a deckled edge. I use these all over the house, not only in the craft room. They are great for everything and even cut fabric with ease.
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  • Two In One Trimmer $38.99 – As a scrapbooker I am always cutting paper. I probably spend 50% of my time just doing that. I picked up one of these at Costco (where it may be cheaper) about a year ago and fell in love. On one side you have a guillotine trimmer capable of cutting multiple pages at once and the other side has a rotary trimmer with several attachments to make decorative edges and even score marks. I use the guillotine trimmer most of the time but the rotary trimmer with the decorative attachments is amazing.
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  • Sizzix Eclips $299.99 – If there is one item to splurge on, this is it. The Sizzix Big Shot listed above is like a rose quartz and this the shiny, grade A diamond. It is hands down the best personal electronic cutting machine on the market right now, in my opinion. First of all, it cuts papers up to 12 x 24. Second, not only are there standard cartridges for it but you can connect it to your computer and download SVG files to cut, there are tons right here on this website. Third, Tim Holtz and stamp to cut. Seriously, you can stamp something and cut it out, amazing. The laser preview is awesome, I use it to make sure I use up all of the scraps of the paper. You can buy Sizzix sprayable adhesive to make your cutting mats sticky again, that is not only smart but it saves a lot of money on scrapbooking tools. You can trace and you can score. If you can think of it, this machine will cut it.
  • [/column] [column third]cheap scrapbooking sizzix eclips[/column] [/columns] [header 3]Scrapbooking Tools[/header] Have a favorite product that I was not included in the best scrapbooking tools list? Let us know in the comments below what your favorite product is. We are always looking for new, on the rise products to feature on the blog. Let us know what tools you can’t get enough of and you may just see it featured in the next blog post.

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