Pretty Scrapbooking Layouts for Spring

Spring Layout

I am so excited that Spring is officially here. I went outside yesterday to enjoy the nice weather and get a little sun and was overjoyed when I saw my first full bloom of the season with many more on the way. I snapped a quick pick and had to scrapbook this awesome Spring layout. […]

Sketch to Scrapbook Page

Alright paper crafters and scrapbookers, we will be starting a new series here on the blog of sketch to scrapbook pages. Every week I will create one sketch, post it and turn it into a physical scrapbook page. You guys are more than welcome to join in and leave your own scrapbooking pages in the […]

scrapbooking vintage photos

Scrapbooking Vintage Photos

I have been going through a lot of my vintage photos lately and trying to figure out the best way to go about scrapbooking vintage photos. Because they are so old and fragile I often feel like they need to be preserved in a special way. The more modern scrapbooking layouts do not showcase vintage […]