Christmas Lollipop SVG

December is finally here. Hooray! This is by far my favorite month and Christmas is most definitely my favorite holiday. I love all of the Christmas crafts, decorating, tree trimming and gift giving. I am definitely full of holiday cheer this time of year. I am kicking of December right with a free SVG file. This is a cute free Christmas lollipop svg file. I call it a Christmas lollipop but you can do it any color and make it an Easter lollipop or a Valentine’s day lollipop.

Christmas Lollipop

I am kicking off December with the first entry in my December daily. I didn’t complete one last year and I am not letting that happen for another year in a row. Feel free to join me on the December daily project. It’s easy, just add a little bit to your scrapbook every day in December and number them 1 to 31. You can take pictures, journal, do art projects or just throw in random ephemera like receipts or even gift tags. Don’t get too far behind or it will be hard to catch up. I find that using a three ring binder is the easiest way to add more stuff in. You can usually find small ones in Michaels. I’ve even found them in the dollar section!

What kind of Christmas projects are you working on this year?




  1. Hi Chelsea just found your free download, so cute! Thank you for sharing it, I love it! I cant seem to ungroup the individual parts? Is there something I’m doing wrong? xx

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