Creative Birthday Gift Wrapping

You know why I like birthdays, weddings and baby showers more than Christmas? A smaller quantity of gifts means I can put more creativity and effort into the gift wrapping and decorating. Every year I see so many lovely Christmas presents done up all fancy with bows and tags but who really has time to do that on every present? I choose a select few to wrap nice and by the end I get far too lazy and end up doing it the easy way. But with birthdays, I usually only have one or two gifts so I go crazy!

These were all kind of a rush job but I absolutely love the way they came out. There is a gift tag, a wine tag and a card that I made all to mach with the same papers, ribbons and colors. Of course, I had to wrap the present in newspaper but I choose pink newspaper to match the tag. The newspaper came pink one day so I saved it, well actually I hoarded it, this is the first time I used it in over a year. It matched so perfectly.



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