December Daily Prompts

December Daily Prompts

With the coming of December every year comes my favorite holiday crafting project, the December Daily. I have participated in December Daily for years now and I love how it truly captures the spirit of the holiday season. For me, it is a holiday tradition. One day I will share the albums with my kids and grandkids and hopefully they will adopt it as well.

Every year I scour the internet looking for December Daily inspiration and December Daily prompts to help complete my project. It’s not always easy taking a photo every day. Sometimes my photos are all of the same thing! So I put together a handy set of 31 December Daily prompts to help you with yours.

I encourage everyone to try making a December Daily this year. It’s a fun way to document and scrapbook all of the fun holiday happenings of your family each year. Look forward to more December Daily related freebies in the near future.

December Daily Prompts


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