Dinosaur Pop Up Card

dinosaur card
dinosaur card

This is a fun, interactive handmade card that is fun for both adults and kids. I have spent a lot of time wondering how to make a pop up card. I wanted one that was fun, great for kids and didn’t have to be folded down the center. This dinosaur pop up card does all of that.

How to Make a Pop Up Card

Great for kids as a birthday card or a Valentine’s day card I hope everyone enjoyes this little piece of prehistoric goodness.

Dinosaur Pop Up Card Video Instructions

After playing around with the template a bit, I discovered that this dinosaur pop up card was not too difficult to make. Basically, print, cut, fold and glue. I put together a short video tutorial on how to make a pop up card.

I printed this on cardstock, nothing to heavy but heavy enough to feel like an actual greeting card. When you print something double sided it is best to do a test run to make sure you know how to put the paper back into the printer to get the print out right. I have done it wrong so many times.

I tried to make this card as easy as possible to put together but if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to ask me anything at all. I want everyone to enjoy my downloads.

Dinosaur Card Pictures

how to make a pop up card

how to make a pop up card

Download the Dinosaur Card

Dinosaur Pop Up Card

Downloading our files is as simple as clicking a link. Just click the button above and the download should start automatically. If it does not, try right clicking and selecting Save File As. Once finished, simply open the ZIP file and click print! As always, this download is complete free to use and feel free to share your work, we love seeing it.


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