Distress Ink Storage Ideas

distress ink storage
distress ink storage

If you have paid attention to any of my projects or tutorials then you probably know I absolutely LOVE distress ink. So with tons of distress ink I had to figure out a good way to store all of them and the handmade blending tools I made. Check out my distress ink storage and let me know how you like to store yours.

I wanted my distress inks to be easily accessilbe so I put them in a drawer desk. They happen to fit perfectly in there. I arranged them all by colors according to the charts on the color chart found Rangerink.com.

ink pad storage

I made custom blending tools because I did not want to have to worry about switching out blending pads with every ink I used. I had my step father cut a 2″ x 3″ piece of wood into very small blocks. To that I hot glued on a piece of foam and velcro and then attached the blending pads to the velcro.

stamp storage

I printed out all of the colors onto a sheet of paper and cut each and every one out. I then inked them with the matching color and attached the color names to the block and the ink pad with some glue. If you decide to do this and you’re going to store your ink pads on their sides I recommend putting labels on everyside so your ink doesn’t always fall to the same spot.

ink storage

Since I decided to store the ink pads on their side I wanted to make sure that they stayed closed so I took a sheet protector and cut it into small strips. I measured them to fit perfect and snug onto the distress ink pads. They slip and slide right off with ease.

tim holtz storage

I made small boxes out of paper to hold the ink pads in their proper place. Each box holds 4 ink pads and 4 blending tools. I can easily pull the box out of the drawer if I want to use them.

stamp ink pad storage

tim holtz distress storage

distress ink storage

I found this to be a great way to store my distress inks. I only wish the re-inkers fit in this drawer as well, then my distress ink storage it would be complete.

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