DIY Custom Planner Paper Clips with Clip Art

DIY Planner Paper Clip |
DIY Planner Paper Clip |

Anyone else a huge fan of decorative paper clips? How about colored paper clips and binder clips? Decorative paper clips are such a simple embellishment and they’re wickedly easy to make.

Paper Clips Tutorial |

I used the free football bow cut file for this cute diy decorative paper clip. But you can use just about any clip art you want. Simple scale it down to about 2″ wide or less and print out two copies and cut it out. You can fussy cut these, use your die cutting machine or just use a simple punch. Just make sure both copies are cut exactly the same.

Custom Planner Paper Clips |

Take your two clip art pieces and sandwich them with a paper clip in the middle. You can also use colored paper clips to match your clip art. Adhere with a little bit of hot glue. You now have a custom paper paper clip that you can make with your own die cuts, clip art or stickers. Easy peasy.

DIY Custom Planner Paperclips from Clip Art |

These custom paper clips make wonderful embellishments in pocket scrapbooking, card making, planners and everyday use.

DIY Planner Paper Clip |

I love that they have the same clip art on both sides. So they look great on both sides of the page. They can also be made one sided if you only have one side that will be seen.

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