DIY Phone Case

DIY Sticker iPhone Cover
DIY Sticker iPhone Cover

It is always fun to change out your phone case to something new and fresh. I like to do it so often that I use a clear case and make several covers at a time so I can switch them out whenever I get bored. With a clear case and a pencil, paper and scissors you can also make your own DIY phone case that is completely unique to you.

First thing’s first you need a template. Trace your phone onto a sheet of heavy card stock and cut it out.

Tutorial DIY Phone Case

I place the cut out inside of the clear case to make sure it fits and to mark the holes. I only have one for the camera so I fill it in with pencil and cut it out. You can use an exact-o knife or you can use a pair of scissors and make a little snip from the edge. It’s just a template so it’s okay to make mistakes on this one.

Phone Case Tutorial

There are so many different phone covers that you can make. I will share a couple of my favorite ones. These are all super easy and simple.

This is a sheet of glitter paper. It’s actually a gift bag I bought from the dollar store but it’s covered in glitter and looks amazing.

Glitter iPhone Cover

You can use SVG cut files. I cut this one out of a piece of vellum so it almost looks like it is etched into the iphone.

SVG iPhone Case Feather

You can use stickers to spell out anything you want. I used the stickers on top of a piece of vellum cut to the same size as my template.
DIY Sticker iPhone Cover

4″ x 6″ journaling cards fit most phones and usually have great designs and phrases on them.

DIY Phone Case Tutorial

Clear transparencies look amazing. as a phone cover.

DIY iPhone Case

You can also use your own art work or your kids art work. Just choose something that is special to you.

Art DIY phone case

Use your favorite photo to decorate your phone. It is like having an extra background on the back of your phone.

diy photo iphone cover

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