Fathers Day Art Project SVG

While I love Father’s day and celebrating it with my Dad, I think the kids should get to celebrate too. This is a fun Father’s Day art project tutorial that is perfect for both adults and kids. The free svg is a fun Father’s day svg file that includes words that I think describe a Dad perfectly. The center spells Father. The tutorial will use this SVG file.


The SVG file takes a while to cut so I would get started on that first. I used a sheet of double thick Bazzill paper in white.  Since the paper is so thick I cut it at the slowest setting with the most pressure. This insured clean cuts on all of the letters as long as your paper is stuck to the mat very well.


We’re going to create a little art for the background. Basically we’re just going to throw a bunch of paint around in any way that you want. Most of it will get covered up but make sure you get plenty of colors in it. I used a thick sheet of watercolor paper to paint on. Use any color combination you want or let your kids go crazy.


The finished product is very messy but will look great under are die cut sheet.


If you really want to emphasize the word FATHER you can paint a solid color right down the middle.  There are a couple of different options for using the die cut. You can use it as a stencil and stencil the words onto your art or you can use it as a background behind the words. I chose to use it as a background and I love the way it looks. It almost looks like a picture of the ocean in the background.


Fathers Day SVG Download

Just click the link below to download the SVG file and get started. As usual there is a PNG and JPG file included in case you want to use those for other projects. Happy crafting!

Fathers Day SVG

If you don’t have a personal electronic cutter to cut this SVG out with you can also use stencils from any craft store to create the same effect!

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