Father’s Day Card Tutorial

Fathers day is very quickly approaching and I do not want to wait until the last minute to get something this year. It does not help that Father’s Day, my parents anniversary and my Mom’s birthday all fall within 6 days of each other. Too many cards to make and not enough time to make them.

So this year I decided to get started on the cards and gifts earlier that way I’m ready. Last year I was overwhelmed and ended up getting one card and one gift for all three occasions. This is my first Father’s Day card tutorial of the month. You know me, I like to keep my cards quick, simple and easy. So with this card I kept the supplies to a bare minimum. I think the color scheme on this card would be great in blue too. If any of you decide to change up the colors I would not mind seeing a few photos of your projects. Send them on in and I will probably include them on this page.

Free Downloads

You can find both of the the free downloadables at Free SVG DAD title.


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