Free Printable Gift Tags

Creating beautiful gifts is one of my favorite things to do with paper. Sometimes it seems like a silly thing to do because the wrapping paper and embellishments are likely just going to get ripped off but I treat gifts like I treat food. I eat with my eyes first just like I decide if I like a present first with my eyes. At least, that’s how I’m going to look at it when I spend way too much time wrapping one gift.

Todays free printable is a set of 6 gift tags in neon pink, blue, yellow, black and white colors. Chances are good that you can find one of these to match your beautiful wrapping papers and decorations.

free printable gift tags

Free Printable Gift Tags

Our downloads are free for personal and commercial use. If you want to share your projects you can always leave us a comment below with a link. We love seeing what you do with our free downloads.

The download is bundled in a ZIP file that can be opened on any computer. Inside you will find a printable PDF file that contains all 6 tags on one page. You can print as many copies as you like. Inside the ZIP file is also a read me file that contains some helpful information and a jpg image of the tags.

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