Handmade Fathers Day Card Inspiration

With Father’s day right around the corner I had to make some Fathers Day cards. Here is some handmade Father’s Day card inspiration and a free printable.

I like to make cards in sets and these Father’s day cards were no exception. Why make cards in sets? I have a couple of reasons why this is the best method for card making.

1. I have all of the coordination pieces out and easily accessible at one time. When I get started with a card I pull out different papers and embellishments that all match and coordinate. This makes it easy to do several cards in one go.


2. Less “scrap” paper. I have a basket full of unused scraps of paper. Occasionally I go through the basket to find something for a project but most of it sits unused. I prefer not to put anything in the basket if I don’t need to. Generally when making multiple cards at once I use one sheet of patterned 12″ x 12″ paper. I can easily use the entire sheet of paper leaving no scraps behind.


3. I never have enough cards. It seems that there is always some birthday or anniversary that I space on until I need a card. Making several cards is a great way to build up a stash of greeting cards. With these Father’s day cards I only did one that specifically mentions Father’s Day so they can be used for birthdays, congratulations, thank yous and other special occasions.


4. It’s nice to have options. Sometimes, I don’t like the first card I make. Sometimes, I don’t even like the second but when I make sets I have plenty to choose from so I can get just the right look/saying for the person I’m giving it to.


5. It challenges my creativity. I am constantly on the search for new techniques and layouts for my cards. Making multiple cards at once really gives me a chance to get creative and try new things.

Father’s Day Card Printable

If you are interested I have a free printable for the mustache card. You can print this and add your own mustache. You can check out the mustache in the free gentleman card if you want an SVG mustache.


Fathers Day Card Printable

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