How to Make Distress Ink Blending Tools

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stamp storage

I love my distress ink. I probably love my distress ink more than all my other inks. I always keep it close by and use it on almost every project. Distress ink is so unbelievably versatile. Between the distress ink pads and the reinkers I probably don’t need half of the other products that I have around my craft room. A long time ago I set out to make custom blending tools for each of my distress inks. I ended up with a nice little custom block that holds it’s own ink blending pad. You may remember my distress ink storage ideas post, this is just an add on to that about how to make distress ink blending tools.

Homemade Distress Ink Blending Tools

The tools is basically a small block of wood that I attached a piece of foam and some velcro to. I used the actual blending pads that were made for distress inks. This made it much easier for me to keep all of my distress inks organized. I hated having to change the blending pads all the time, I would constantly lose them or forget the color that was on them. I believe the total that I spend to make the tools (not including the blending pads) was around $6.

how to make distress ink blending tools

I also did a video explaining the block in a video that you will find below. The end of the video where I show my distress ink drawer gets a little shaky, sorry for that! I’m not used to holding the camera. I usually have it mounted on a tripod so I don’t have to worry about it. Of course, if you have any questions at all about the blending tools or any products I used please don’t hesitate to ask me.

How do you feel about distress ink? Do you love it, hate it or a little of both? How do you store your distress inks and keep them organized?

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