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WARNING! I’m in craft mode. I’ve been making all kinds of nifty things for the last few days including a back drop, lightboxes, and this nifty little journal. I used heavy-duty drawing paper and coffee stained each of the pages by hand then tore the edges. The thing looks fantastic. I just need to bind it and I’m done (I’ve never binded a book by hand before so I could potentially screw up the whole entire thing).


So I’m sitting on the floor looking at this lil book and I see all of these un-used and under-estimated black felt scraps sitting to the side of me. I started playing around with them and I created this lovely little swirly scene. Too bad this stuff can’t stay that way.


It was fun trying to fit all of these little pieces together and see how they all work. I think I’m actually going to draw on the front of the journal (probably some swirlies like this) and I also might bleach parts of it to give the outside the same aged look that the inside pages have.


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  1. I like that journal. It would also look good as a bag too. Do the similar design with a few extra sews and voila a cute vintage looking purse. Love it! I especially like the lock and key detail!

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