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Hey papercrafters! The temperature has been heating up here and I’ve been feeling those spring temperatures already. I’ve been crafting and designing new freebies like crazy since it feels so nice and cozy recently. My latest mini album is a mismatched 6″ x 6″ 7gypsies mini album. I used double sided papers from several of their older collections and put together a really fast and easy mini album.

Mini Album Pictures





I hope you guys like this mini album inspiration post and if you are interested in making this I am doing a tutorial on YouTube. If you don’t already, you should follow me on YouTube. I have been posting step by step video tutorials and instructions for how to make this mini album. If making something like this interests you, you can follow along and make one as well.

There is also a video share of this album in case you want to see more in depth into how it was made and what it looks like.

Stay tuned for some printable journaling cards that are baby themed and a couple of new free svg files that I will be posting later this week. Happy crafting!


  1. I totally loved your binding your mini album tutorials!
    If I want to create an album that would fit 8×8 paper, what measurements would you suggest?

    1. This definitely depends on what kind of binding you are using. If you are using the rings like in these pictures I would probably do 10″ wide by 9″ tall. Adding 2 inches to the width should allow plenty of room for your rings if you are using them. If you are using something else then you can probably just make the outside of the album 9″ x 9″.

  2. Where did you say that you bought your chip board from? I’m sure I heard it but I’ve been going back through the videos and now I can’t seem to locate it… I was interested in bulk pricing. Love, love your tutorials!!

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