Paper Christmas Tree Ornament DIY with Template and Cut File

Is your Christmas tree full of pretty handmade ornaments? My tree has some generic bulbs with a bunch of special, sentimental bulbs scattered throughout. This tutorial will show you how to make your own paper Christmas tree ornament with included printable template and cut file.

I like to change my Christmas tree decor every year. Not just the color scheme but also the ornaments I add. I actually have 2 trees so I get twice the fun when it comes to Christmas decorating. Sometimes I will use photo frame ornaments and other years I like to use hand painted bulbs to match specific colors.

Pretty paper ornaments |

I have some ornaments that I always include somewhere in my display. Usually I pick these up on a travel adventures like our honeymoon ornament from Disney World or an aquarium ornament from Monterrey Bay aquarium.

If you are looking for some fun paper Christmas ornaments that you can DIY yourself and are stunning, look no further! I have put together a printable template and SVG cut file perfect for you.

Christmas tree paper ornament Tutorial Printable and #SVG Cut File |

These ornaments are very stylish and can be easily customized to suit your own unique style. You only need a few supplies so lets get started.

How to make your own DIY paper ornament

If you have a digital cutter, you can use the cut file to easily cut your pieces. I personally use a Sizzix Eclips but the Silhouette Cameo is probably the most popular. These machines make quick and easy work of cutting out all of the pieces.

If you do not have a cutting machine I have a printable PDF template. There are 3 different designs included or you can use them as a template to cut your own paper into the correct shape.

For the size I have here, I used 8 paper pieces. If you prefer a full ornament, use more. If you like the spiral ornament with a peak in the center, use less.

Supplies needed to make pretty printable paper #ornaments. |

The only other thing required to complete the ornament is string or twine. I used some beads to jazz it up but that is completely optional and up to you.

Printable Christmas Ornaments |

If you use the printable template you will need to punch a hole in both the bottom and top of the templates. The smaller the hole the better. Take a length of twine and tie a knot at the end. If you are using beads, begin threading them on. Make sure your knot is big enough so the beads or paper don’t slip through. I used the We R Memory Keepers Crop-A-Dile to make small holes.

Pretty DIY Christmas paper ornaments |

I continued threading beads in the middle, it adds a little bit of sparkle to the center which is just barely visible when you use 8 pieces. I left about 3 inches in the center and then threaded the paper pieces onto the string or twine.

DIY Christmas Ornaments from Paper |

Tie a loop at the top to hang the ornament from. The last step is to fan out the paper pieces. to create your ornament.

DIY Pretty #Christmas Ornaments made from #paper. Tutorial, #printable template and #SVG cut file for free! |

Tips for Customizing

  • Use clear fishing line or clear bead cord instead of twine if you want the string to be invisible.
  • Use different patterned paper to create unique designs.
  • Experiment with different beads, colors and combinations. You can choose to just put beads on the top or no beads at all.
  • Try staggering the paper pieces e.g. the piece that went on first at the bottom should also go on first at the top.
  • Different amounts of paper pieces will create different style ornaments. The more paper pieces you have the more full the ornament. If you prefer the spiral design with a little peak in the center, use less.
  • Where you tie your knots matters. Tying the knots higher or lower will alter the shape of the ornament.
  • Add charms, crystals or other dangle bits to the end.

Template for making these adorable Christmas #ornaments from #paper |

Paper Ornament Downloads

Printable version with 3 different patterns

There are two different downloads here. If you want to cut the pieces out yourself, go for the printable. There are designs included but you can always use those as a template to cut from your own patterned paper.

Paper Ornament Printable
SVG, DXF, EPS, PNG, JPG cut file

If you have a digital cutter and want to use your own paper go for the SVG cut file. I included a lot of different formats so you should be able to find one that matches your machine.

Paper Ornament Cut File

Do you have a favorite ornament that you ALWAYS make sure to include on the Christmas tree? Let us know in the comments down below. Don’t forget to share this DIY with your friends and family or pin it to your favorite Pinterest board.

#DIY Pretty Paper Ornaments Free #Printable Template and SVG DXF EPS PNG JPG Cut File for #Silhouette and #Cricut |


  1. I love the ornament. Is the download still available? I am not able to find the link. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Stephanie. It is still available. I’ve been having some tech issues on the site for the last couple of days but it should be all fixed now. Let me know if you have any problems.

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