Printable Fathers Day Coloring Card

Hey paper crafters. Day two of our Father’s day countdown is this cute teddy bear printable coloring card. The printable card can be printed on card stock and colored in by your children to give to Dad. I also included a Father’s day coloring page that has the same design as a full page.

I love children’s art and I always try to encourage it. I think this printable Father’s day coloring card is a great way for your children to get involved in Father’s day and have a little something special to give Dad. The cute teddy bear holds a heart that says “BEST DAD EVER”. If you use the card version there are cutting and scoring lines to make a 4.25″ x 5.5″ card. The design is a little small so it might be harder to color in for smaller children. There is also a full page 8.5″ x 11″ design that you can print out that’s easier for children to color in but does not have cut and score marks for the card. You can always print it out at a different size if you want to frame it.


Father’s Day Printable Coloring Card Download

You can download the Father’s Day card by clicking the link below. The files are all packaged up in a handy ZIP file. I hope you and your little ones enjoy this printable!

Fathers Day Printable Coloring Card and Page


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