Printable Pokémon Go Trainer ID Cards

Pokemon Go Pocket Scrapbooking Page |
Pokemon Go Pocket Scrapbooking Page |

I have been having a blast playing Pokémon Go over the last month. It is a fun game, if you haven’t tried it out yet I highly recommend giving it a go. I made some free printable Pokémon Go trainer ID cards. They are 3″ x 4″ so they are perfect journaling cards.

Pokemon Go Pocket Scrapbooking Page |

I had to feature Pokémon Go in my pocket page scrapbook because it’s taken up a lot of my time in the last month. On the weekends, my husband and I have been going out to parks and catching Pokémon. It’s actually been a great way to explore the city.

I took screen captures of both of our characters for my scrapbook and added the trainer ID cards alongside filled out with our information.

Free Printable Pokemon Go Trainer ID Cards |

These printable Pokémon Go trainer cards would be wonderful printable badges for a Pokémon party as well. Have fun with them and enjoy the free download.


Pokemon Go Trainer ID Cards


  1. These are great for my sons pokemon party. Is there a way I can format it that they are the size of a pokemon card and print out a bunch on page. I bought a ziplock card holder on a lanyard. these would be great to get upon arrival and then they can add the pokemon cards to the ID in the card holder. I would love your help! thanks so much

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