Printable Popcorn Labels

printable popcorn label

Ah, Valentine’s Day, the day of love and romance and plenty of sweet treats for the kids. We have free printable popcorn labels available today. I remember being in elementary school and giving away Valentine’s. Everyone was nervous about who was giving them and receiving them. I usually had the store bought the typical store bought ones but who wants to give away those when there are so many opportunities to customize your treats these days.

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Free printable valentines day printable popcorn labels

Today’s free printable is four popcorn labels for Valentine’s Day. They have a typical red, white and pink color scheme that is so often seen on Valentine’s Day. Each one has a cute Valentine’s Day/popcorn theme. I also think a few of these would be great for Tootsie Pops.

Printable Popcorn Labels

The phrases are:

  • Have a popping good Valentine’s Day
  • My heart pops for you
  • Peace and Popcorn on Valentine’s Day
  • You are popalicious
  • free popcorn printable

    free pritnable popcorn label

    printable valentines day popcorn label

    printable popcorn labels

    The back of each printable popcorn label has To and From already so just write a couple of names and you are ready to give out these cute Valentines.
    valentines day popcorn label

    Download Free Valentine’s Day Popcorn Labels

    All four printable popcorn labels print on one sheet of paper but you can print as many copies as you like. Cut each one out and then fold it in half. The back already has To and From labels to make it easier to write names. Attach them to your bags of popcorn however you want. You can use punch holes and use ribbons, staple the labels or cut a portion out of the top of the label and stick the back through, for these I tied a ribbon around the top of the back to hold the label in place. I used clear treat bags for my popcorn but glassine bags would also look great.


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