Project Life Layouts Weeks 5-6

Hey paper crafters. I finished up weeks 5 and 6 for project life and thought I’d share them. Superbowl occurred during week 5. We had some family over. I ended up taking the photo from Superbowl Sunday and cropping it into 3 different sections so I could cover more of the page with just the one photo. I used a lot of hybrid techniques and printed out journaing cards and wrote and decorated them afterwards.


I love using vellum overlays on photos. This is a great technique for photos that you don’t want to completely take over the page. It will give them a muted down tone and effect and draw some attention away from them.


I used a Heidi Swapp insert card and water colored over it. The card had a perfect resist on it. I gave it just a light coating and a few specks of paint for an artistic, shadowy look. Once I was done, I was able to wipe all of the paint right off of the letters.


The dog was so tired after the party and game that she fell asleep with her tongue sticking out. A great way to add point out specific things in a photo is with arrows. Here I added an arrow pointing to her little tongue.


I was able to take a lot of photos for week 6 and I had to cut them down. This page has the weekdays on the left and the weekend photos on the right. We celebrated my cousins birthday and a friends baby shower. Sometimes telling a story is more important than keeping order so don’t be afraid to switch it up.




I had another watercolor journaling card that I added to this project life layout. The painting I did on this one was a bit heavier which gave the letters a great outlined effect.

Are you guys all caught up with your own projects and scrapbooking for the year? I’m hoping I don’t fall behind or I will probably have a hard time catching back up. Happy paper crafting!

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