Scrapbooking Vintage Photos

scrapbooking vintage photos
scrapbooking vintage photos

I have been going through a lot of my vintage photos lately and trying to figure out the best way to go about scrapbooking vintage photos. Because they are so old and fragile I often feel like they need to be preserved in a special way. The more modern scrapbooking layouts do not showcase vintage photos quite right. They should have their own unique and vintage layouts.

Scrapbooking vintage photos

scrapbooking vintage photos

Make Copies – This layout is one I did of my great grandmother. The photo itself is very old so the first thing I suggest doing is making a copy. Chances are pretty good you do not have copies of your vintage photos and there probably aren’t any negatives so make sure you have copies.

Keep Neutral Colors – Bright rainbows really won’t showcase vintage photos properly. Keep your color palette neutral with vintage colors brown, tan and black colors. These will highlight your photo the best.

Use Vintage Scripts – I used a vintage script stamp on across the background of the layout to give it a truly vintage feel. Along the background I also added black ink splatters to give the same effect that writing with a quill pen might have.

Fibers – I chose burlap to incorporate into my layout because I feel it is a perfect vintage textile but any lace will do. I die cut mine into flowers and used a simple brad to adhere it together. A nice bit of lace trimming along a vintage layout will also add tons of detail.

Vintage Embellishments – Use vintage embellishments or make your own using trinkets and dyes. Embellishments add so much depth and interest to scrapbooking layouts. Keep with the same neutral tone and add as many or as few vintage bobbles as you like. My favorite from this layout is the yellow and blue shipping tag. It adds just the right amount of color and interest and reminds me of something that may have been found in this era.

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