Silhouette Card Tutorial and Free Silhouette SVG File

Today’s download is a free silhouette SVG file but this one also comes with a silhouette card tutorial. I made this gorgeous silhouette card with this free SVG file and a neat mixed media decoupage technique.

Free Silhouette SVG

The free SVG file for today is a full set of silhouettes that include a young boy, young girl, female adult and male adult. Basically, you are going to get a full silhouette family SVG.


Let’s get started on the tutorial. First thing you’re going to need is some newspaper. I try to find the pages that are all black and white. This usually includes the classifieds, legal notices, obituaries, sports scores and market watch pages. To make things easier on myself I cut my newspaper into fours.

I paint my newspaper randomly with acrylic gesso. This adds texture as well as hides some of the text and gives it a more vintage look. I paint mine completely at random leaving lots of empty spots and going in all directions.


Now get out your favorite glimmer mists and color sprays and starting colorizing that newspaper. Use as much or as little as you like but I usually end up covering my paper completely in lots of color. I used some lighter colors but this technique can be used with darker colors as well for a gorgeous effect.


Once everything is saturated to your liking, let it dry. Newspaper is surprisingly sturdy even though it has been doused with all of that spray. I usually lay my wet pages on top of some dry newspaper.


Now stamp. I used these stampers anonymous sets and black archival ink and stamped in random patterns. I am going to tear the paper up so you don’t need to make everything uniform or perfect. I loved the numbers in the second stamp set and the butterflies in the first. I used both of those all over the page.


I used a deckled edge ruler to tear the newspaper up. This gave me nicely torn and worn edges.


My favorite part is the decoupage! I used a kraft card base that measures 5″ x 7″. I thought the kraft look would work great with my vintage paper look. Just start layering up the mod podge and your newspaper. I stayed about half an inch from the edge so that I didn’t have any newspaper showing when I covered this with my silhouette.


Waiting for the mod podge to dry.


While everything was drying I went ahead and cut out my silhouette. When cutting, make sure your silhouette will fit on your card. Now take your silhouette and layer the back with dimensional adhesive.


The finished product.


Free SVG Download


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