The Office Makeover and My Gorgeous Craft Room

I meant to post this forever ago but I forgot. While going through my pictures today I found some before and afters of Operation monster office makeover and thought I should post these. I had already painted the walls the tan color but the ceiling and trim was yellow. Yes, whoever had this house before me really liked yellow because they painted the entire house floorboards walls and ceiling the exact same color throughout the entire house. It’s nauseating. So the ceiling and trim were painted, the shelves were hung and then I added the desks.

I will warn you that the before shots are gruesome. It looks so scary that when I’m looking at it now I don’t know how I ever got anything done in this room. I’m so much happier now and I actually enjoy sitting in front of the computer sometimes.

Before – The Desk

Before – The Craft Station

Before – Storage

After the shelves were up and the ceiling and trim was painted bright white

Desks are put together and installed

The lighting in here is just gorgeous now, I actually open the shades on a daily basis

After filling up the shelves and putting in the computey

The desks are from Ikea, I get a lot of questions about them. I’ve heard positive and negative things about Ikea, personally, I love their furniture. It’s relatively inexpensive and looks great.

I still need two new matching office chairs, one for each side and some lighting then I would say this room is officially done. I use one side of the room as my office and the other side is for crafting, sewing, scrapbooking or whatever else I feel like making at the time. I always wanted a “craft room” and now I feel like I really have one. This room is so pretty now I feel like I could live in it, which is funny because I kind of do. I spend more time in this room than I do in the rest of my house combined (not counting the pool, of course).

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