Wedding inviations – vintage inspired

My Mom is getting married or so she says. I only say that because she’s been engaged for two years now and hasn’t made any plans what-so-ever about actually doing a wedding. That is, until recently when she decided to start planning one. I am excited because I get to play designer and I get creative control because I know she (nor the groom) care about what I do. So I made a few mock invitations for them because she did say she wanted to make them. I designed three invitations but this one by far took the longest and it was the one I preferred. I used all free fonts and it took around 3 hours to get all of the words and graphics to fit properly.

Obviously, this invite has fake information for 2 reasons. 1. I don’t want any e-stalkers and 2. they haven’t actually decided on venues yet.

After I did the text the card was pretty easy to assemble. Add some ribbon, a few flowers, sparkle, shine and everything wonderful. Bam. Finished product. I love not having to design for clients because there’s no one slaughtering a perfectly decent design.

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  1. This invitation is awesome! Great job! Which program did you use to create this and where did you find all the fonts and graphics? My fiancée and I are going to make our own invitations and this will definitely serve as some inspiration for ou vintage theme!

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