Free Printable Cookie Tags

Printable Food Tag
Printable Food Tag

Anyone else here a baker as well as a paper crafter? I love baking. Cupcakes are my absolute favorite but every now and again I like to try other things like muffins, cookies and brownies. I put together some cute little cookie packages and wanted to offer up this free printable cookie tag for you all.

Free Printable Cookie Tags

The tags are made from a really pretty calligraphy script and punch out perfectly with a 2″ circle punch. They are just plane black line art so you can print them out on different colors of paper if you want.

Free Printable Food Tag

Isn’t the script just gorgeous.

Printable Food Tag

I love to gift some larger cookies to friends and family so I made this cute little box out of craft paper. The window looks like a cookie that has a bite taken out of it.

Cookie Tags

There are four different designs on the PDF. You can pick and choose which one(s) you want to use. These are not just printable cookie tags, but they can also be used for other types of baked goodies (except for the one that says cookie of course).

Free Printable Cookie Tags Download

This is a free download. The designs are 2″ circles and are designed to be punched out with a 2″ circle punch. You will find an easy to print PDF that you can open up with Adobe Reader which is free. These should print lovely on all types of paper and you can use different colors to create your own unique look. I hope you enjoy this free download.


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