4 Easy Greeting Cards Made from Paper Scraps

Easy handmade cards from paper scraps

I am still trying to bust my paper scrap collection. This week I decided to make some handmade greeting cards from paper scraps. I came up with 4 pretty designs using just the scraps, stickers, twine and a few sequins.

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4 Easy greeting cards you can DIY and make from paper scraps, stickers, twine and sequins!

I love stamping but unfortunately, my stamp collection is rather limited. My stamp collection is probably 80% Christmas stamps. I don’t have nearly enough greeting card or cute critter stamps.

There are some amazing handmade greeting cards that are made from stamping and different techniques but I just don’t have enough stamps or money to buy all of the ones I want.

No matter how few stamps I own I don’t let that get me down. The show must go on! I rely on die cuts, pretty paper, printables and stickers to make nice cards that are simple but still elegant.

Stripe A2 background handmade greeting card

I found a cute set of 24 stickers at Michaels in the clearance section. There were 3 words: happy, remember and hello. The little stickers were only $0.50. I thought the hello stickers would work well for greeting cards. I sorted through my paper scraps to find some pretty blues and yellows.

Sticker greeting card pictures and inspiration

The first card is just a stripe background with a strip of vellum behind the hello sticker. I added a little bit of twine under the greeting and a few blue and white sequins to complete the card.

How to make a greeting card the easy way with stickers

You can layer small scraps under the sentiment and use a decorative border punch to add a decorative element. The decorative touches really help if you don’t have any twine or sequins to match.

Easy sticker handmade greeting card ideas

Easy hello handmade card

If you’re lucky enough to find an A2 sized scrap use it to your advantage by making a full sized card background. For this card I added a decorative band with the greeting on top and just a couple blue and white sequins.

Hello greeting card inspiration

Card Ideas from Paper Scraps

For smaller scraps, you can create a layered piece and frame it with some faux stitching. This card is mostly white which gives it a nice modern touch but it still feels handmade with the twine and hand drawn stitching.

Easy handmade scrap paper and sticker greeting cards

I made all 4 greeting cards about 30 minutes. Super simple and easy cards you can make from paper scraps and generic stickers.

Easy handmade cards from paper scraps

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