Bust Your Paper Stash with Custom Envelopes

Custom Envelopes from Scrapbooking Paper
Custom Envelopes from Scrapbooking Paper

Any paper hoarders out there? Hi, I’m Chelsea and I’m a paper addict. I counted roughly 45 paper stacks in my stash and 1,000’s of loose sheets. Seriously, is there someone I can see about this?

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What to do with Paper Scraps, paper stash buster scraps to cute custom envelopes.

On top of all of the unused paper I collect I also have a basket full of scraps. Every so often I’ll go through it but it mostly just sits there. Part of my Spring cleaning is going through all of my craft supplies and getting rid of old things I don’t use while organizing my supplies to suit my needs better.

How to Use the Envelope Punch Board

While going through my paper scrap basket I decided it was time to do some paper stash busting. If you have a paper stash or scraps just sitting around it’s time to use those for something. Today I made a few custom envelopes with my paper scraps.

How to Make Custom Envelopes

I have had the Envelope Punch Board by We R Memory Keepers for so long and only used it a hand full of times. It’s actually a great tool and custom envelopes are so pretty and make such a beautiful addition to a handmade card.

What to Do With Extra Scrapbooking Paper

The punch board has all of the measurements and the instructions right on the front so you don’t have to keep a set of instructions. It’s super easy to use and takes just a minute or two to punch, score, fold and glue an envelope. If you are sending it in the mail you can add a plain white sticker to the front to write an address on.

How to Make Custom Envelopes

Envelopes can be made in virtually any size. There are measurements for just about every size. The envelopes can be used in other ways too. Use the envelopes as a page or addition in a mini album. They can be a custom gift card holder. You can also cut one side off and make a pocket from the envelope to use in a scrapbooking page or pocket scrapbook.

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