5 Easy Handmade Cards out of Paper Scraps

Easy DIY Handmade Anniversary Card

Whew! Now that Christmas is over I’m so glad I can take a break and relax. I spent so much time crafting goodies this year I am exhausted. One of my handmade gifts was a little stationary set. I included 5 handmade cards that I created out of paper scraps and I wanted to share some cute and easy greeting card inspiration with you.

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5 Quick, Easy and Cheap DIY Handmade Greeting Cards for Birthday and Anniversary

If you didn’t know already from the blog title, I love paper. I keep lots and lots of paper scraps in a big bucket by my craft desk to re-use. Why let beautiful paper go to waste, am I right? So I came up with a couple new card designs for easy handmade cards.

I used paper scraps from my staff and some card bases and envelopes purchased from Michaels. I also picked up a set of gold stickers from the Dollar Tree making this an EASY and CHEAP DIY paper craft.

Handmade Cards from Paper Scraps

Don’t forget to check out my last post on handmade greeting cards from paper scraps.

Check out my 5 examples below and share your favorite handmade greeting cards on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag #lovepapercrafts so I can see all of your beautiful creations.

Quick Handmade Card with Stickers

Using a heart border punch I made this sweet little anniversary card. I also punched a couple extra hearts to decorate the sentiment on the outside.

Easy DIY Handmade Anniversary Card

Scallop Handmade Greeting Card

Following the heart border punch, I also tried a scallop edge. This one is easy to do with decorative border scissors. I added the gold sticker sentiment on the right side of the card. It’s a very sweet and simple design.

Gold Handmade Greeting Card

Easy Handmade Blue Greeting Card with Twine

This one is easy peasy! I took my scrap paper and wrapped it with twine three times. I secured the twine in the middle front of the card with a knot. I covered that up with a piece of foam adhesive and a gold sticker sentiment.

Blue and Gold Twine Handmade Card

Brown and Gold Sequins Handmade Card

This sequin card is also made with a larger piece of scrap paper for the background. I used scrap vellum as a band across the bottom and added the sticker sentiment. I found some gold and brown colored sequins at the dollar tree and glued those on for sparkle.

Easy Handmade Card with Sequins

Easy and Cheap DIY Card

You can also use a scrap piece of paper as the belly band and then a piece of vellum right behind your sentiment as a border and background.

Easy Vellum and Gold Handmade Greeting Card

I stamped each of the inside of the cards with a happy birthday or anniversary greeting. They were all packed up with a bow and sent out as a fun little stationary set of handmade cards. The recipient loved these easy to make cards!

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