Castle Card SVG

princess party invitation
princess party invitation

My cousin turned 5 last week and had her birthday party over the weekend. I wanted to make her a special card that she would love. What girl does not want to be a princess and live in a castle? I put together this castle card for her.

Castle Card

I designed each of the pieces and then cut the castle svg with the Sizzix Eclips. I used patterned scrapbook paper in pink and green with pink card stock as the backing. I then assembled all the pieces and added a sentiment on the inside of the card. I used dimensional adhesive to adhere all of the pieces. I also added magnets so that the castle doors would stay shut. The entire card wouldn’t fit in a regular envelope so I had to use a catalog envelope that was 6 1/2 x 9 1/2.
princess party invitation

The doors opening on the castle.
castle card

The inside of the card with the sentiment I used. This could easily be changed to a princess party invitation with the correct interior.
castle svg

The castle card SVG file is free for download so you can cut and make your own castle cards. This download does not include a printable version because the pieces are a bit intricate and detailed.

Matching Prince and Princess

In addition to the free castle card download there is also a matching prince and princess digital svg cutting file. This cute couple is ready for the royal ball. They can be used as additional embellishments along with the castle card.

Prince and Princess SVG Cutting File |

Download Castle Card

The download has three different SVG files. The card base, the decorative elements and interior of the card and then a file called card back. I added the card back file because when I originally cut my castle I did not use thick enough card stock. I didn’t think it was strong enough to stand up on it’s own. So I cut the back section out to give it strength. The card now stands on it’s own easily. If you use thick enough card stock you probably won’t need the back section.

As always our downloads are free. If you like them, please let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. These are perfect for my daughter’s princess party…Very Cute..Exactly what I was looking for.. Thank you!!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing. I have bought a surprise stay in a castle for my husband and have put all the details in your beautiful card.

  3. Just downloaded, picked out my papers close to yours and now plan to cut for my grand daughter. Thank you very much and I will link back to you after I post to give you credit. Thank you again.

  4. Thank you so much ! This is perfect for y GD bridal shower she was proposed to in front of the Princess Disney castle past spring! This is the theme for her shower!! 🙂

  5. I am having trouble with the elements not sure what goes where..Pls help. I ungrouped some and moved some things .. I see a Cut lines and not sure what they are for? I wished they were in different colors. PLEASE HELP so may look alike I see card base and card back so I cut both and glue them together?

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