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Best Dad Ever Free SVG File

Dad’s are just pure love and there is no end to have deep their love goes. It is freebie friday and we’re celebrating Dad. Father’s Day is just around the corner and today we have this free Best Dad Ever SVG. This is a great free Father’s Day SVG that can be used as a scrapbooking […]

free daffodil svg

Free Daffodil SVG

If it wasn’t for my allergies Spring would probably be my favorite season. The weather is wonderful where I live and Spring always gets me excited for Summer fun. Every year for my birthday in March I get daffodils because it is the birthday flower for march. To celebrate both spring and the coming of […]

Valentine’s Day Card #1

Seeing as how it is the first day of February and there are only 14 days until Valentine’s day I figured I would share a few Valentine’s day tutorials with everyone. First up, this cute, modern, clean and easy valentine’s day card. I want these tutorials to be easy for anyone to do whether you’re […]

2011 Christmas Cards

I have been having so much fun crafting recently. The holidays are ideal for crafting but also can be difficult because of all the other things going on during this time of year. It is always fun to just sit down and have me time when everything else is hectic and crazy. On the bright […]

Get out of jail free

When your boyfriend (not mine) is incarcerated and you are bored what better to do than send him a get out of jail free card, a nail file and a big box of cupcakes baked with love? I think my favorite part of this entire card was the inside (second picture down) because it fit so well and I thought it was super sweet. I blocked out the names for privacy. Enjoy.