DIY Valentine’s Day Luminaries

Easy Valentine's Day Decor |
Easy Valentine's Day Decor |

Do you like to decorate for Valentine’s Day? Buying my own house meant that I had to step up my holiday decorating game. I often change out the fireplace mantle with seasonal decor. Today I’m making these easy DIY Valentine’s Day luminaries.

How to Make a Luminary the Easy Way |

This is a super simple DIY decor idea. You can even get the kids involved with this one. You only need a couple basic supplies and tools. All of these can be found at the dollar store.


Easy DIY Valentine's Day Decorations for Kids Luminaries |


To make a Valentine’s Day luminary place a cooker cutter on a paper bag. Trace the outline of the cookie cutter onto the bag. You can use any shape you want here just make sure you can cut it out.

Valentine's Day Cookie Cutter  Luminaries |

Take a pair of scissors and cut the shape out of the paper bag. You can also use a craft knife for more intricate designs. I kept my design towards the upper portion of the bag so that the tea light candle didn’t show through the opening.

Kids Valentine's Day Crafts Luminaries |

After you cut out the piece you can leave it as is or add some vellum or a doily behind the open area. If you add colored tissue paper, the heart will with a slightly different color. If you add an extra piece just make sure it is nice and thin so light can still pass through.

Valentine's Day Luminaries Tutorial |

Turn on a flameless tea light and drop it into the paper bag. Now dim the lights and let it glow! These luminaries emit a very warm and calming glow. Perfect for a romantic DIY Valentine’s Day decoration.

How to Make a Luminary the Easy Way |

How to Make a Valentine's Day Luminary. Great DIY craft project for the kids to celebrate and decorate for Valentine's Day! |

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