Hand Lettered Motivational Journaling Cards

Hand lettered project life cards free printable
Hand lettered project life cards free printable

Yay! It’s freebie Friday. That’s my favorite day of the week! If you don’t know, now you know. Go ahead and print out these hand lettered motivational journaling cards. They can be used in your project life pocket scrapbook or in a planner.

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Free printable hand lettered and doodled motivational journaling cards for scrapbooking, project life pocket pages and palnners.

These black and white printable journaling cards are so much fun. They are hand lettered and hand doodled on the iPad pro with Procreate. They have a very fun feel to them.

Want to customize them? Print them out on another color of paper! White is boring, why not a rustic kraft paper or how about pink? Talk about possibilities. I mean, you’re only limited to every color in the rainbow.

Printable hand lettered motivational journaling cards for project life pocket scrapbooking and planners

How Did You Make These?

I bought the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil back in January. At the time, I wanted to figure out how to do more digital hand lettering. I had only dabbled with it in illustrator before. Slowly but surely I’m getting the hang of things.

Whoever said you could learn new things overnight was L-Y-I-N-G. Oh wait, no one said that? Whoops, my bad! I could have sword I heard that when I was buying this darn iPad thing.

Free printable motivational hand lettered journaling cards

With digital lettering instead of writing something over like 10 times I only do it like 12. But at least it’s like really easy to erase. Yea, I’ve definitely mastered that part.

So get used to seeing hand lettered goodness coming both to the Etsy shop and as free downloads. I’m a girl on a mission and I don’t give up too easy!

Hand lettered project life cards free printable

Hand Lettered Journaling Cards Download

Until next time my lovely paper crafters, enjoy the free printable download that I have linked to in the download box below. If you LOVE it, please don’t forget to share it on Facebook and Pin it on Pinterest. Too-da-loo!

Hand Lettered Journal Cards


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