Yes, yes I did wrap my presents in Newspaper

Don’t ask what came over me this year and why I wanted to do this because I honestly don’t have an answer. I have plenty of Christmas themed wrapping papers on hand but the newspaper on my desk was screaming at me, “I’m bored!” So I decided to wrap my Christmas gifts this year in newspaper instead of the traditional Christmas themed paper.

Newspaper Wrapped Presents for Christmas
Newspaper Wrapped Presents for Christmas

Afterwards, when I looked at all I had accomplished, I felt good about recycling and making something semi-creative. I’m quite certain that they aren’t the loveliest of gifts and that at least one person in my family will scoff at them but I’m pleased. It should be the gift that matters right? Or is it supposed to be the thought… Either way, I’m happy with the result. I added ribbons, cord and hand-made tags to each gift to give them that extra sparkle.

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