10 Awesome Disneyland Souvenirs for Memory Keepers

Best Cheap Disneyland Souvenirs for Scrapbooking | LovePaperCrafts.com
Best Cheap Disneyland Souvenirs for Scrapbooking | LovePaperCrafts.com

You’re a scrapbooker or memory keeper and you’re headed to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. What do you spend your money on to make sure you get the best Disneyland souvenirs? There are some hidden gems at Disneyland but I’m here to tell you my absolute favorite Disneyland souvenirs for scrapbooking.

Disneyland is a magical place. It cures all woes and you just can’t help but feel happy when you walk through those gates. I have had the pleasure of enjoying a few trips to the happiest place on Earth and I’ve collected quite a few treasures along the way.

The best souvenirs at Disneyland for scrapbooking and memory keeping. I am going to have to pick a few of these up! | LovePaperCrafts.com

1. Tickets and Fast Passes

Always keep those tickets, they make perfect additions to any scrapbook or pocket page. Fast passes can be a little trickier to keep because they are usually collected by a cast member. If you just have to have a fast pass for space mountain in your scrapbook, grab one at the beginning of the day and just keep it. You can also try asking the CM if you can keep them.

Best Souvenirs at Disneyland Tickets and Fast Passes | LovePaperCrafts.com

2. Buttons

No matter the occasion for celebration, even if it’s a first visit, you can get a button for that. Simply visit town hall at the beginning of the day and ask for one or any store on property. Buttons are everywhere and they are completely free! These are a little bulky and harder to incorporate inside an album but you can always add a ribbon onto the front and pin them there.

Best Souvenirs at Disneyland Free Buttons | LovePaperCrafts.com

3. Post Cards

I always pick up a couple of post cards in the gift shop. You can also find stamps at the hotels and California Adventure. Make it extra special by jotting down a few memories or having a character sign one and drop it in one of several mailboxes in the park. Yes, these are working mailboxes in the park! It makes for an extra special treat when you get home and makes it look more authentic.

Best Souvenirs at Disneyland Post Cards | LovePaperCrafts.com

4. Pressed Pennies

Pressed pennies are a must have for memory keeping! Drop $0.51 into a machine, pick your favorite design, turn the crank and boom. You have an awesome embellishment for your album.

Best Souvenirs at Disneyland Pressed Pennies | LovePaperCrafts.com

5. Trading Pins

Okay, the pins themselves are not super flat but that can be fixed. Simply cut off the pin part and you have yourself an awesome flat embellishment for decorating photos.

Best Souvenirs at Disneyland Trading Pins | LovePaperCrafts.com

6. Park Maps

Most of the time I use my phone to navigate around the park and get show times. It’s super convenient because it also tells me wait times. Although Disneyland has an awesome app, I always like to pick up a paper park map to take home and add to my photo album.

Best Souvenirs at Disneyland Park Maps | LovePaperCrafts.com

7. Silhouettes

Right there on Main Street look for Disneyland Silhouette Studio. For only $9 a CM will cut your silhouette out for you. It’s amazing! You can even do one with the whole family. This is by far one of my favorite Disneyland gems.

Best Souvenirs at Disneyland Silhouettes | LovePaperCrafts.com

8. Charms

Charms make the perfect little embellishments and decorative items. Add them around a photo for just a little bit of extra bling. I am personally obsessed with the little foam key chains. They are perfect for hanging on the outside of an album.

Best Souvenirs at Disneyland Charms | LovePaperCrafts.com

9. Gift Cards

We all know Disney isn’t cheap. If you’re going to be spending the money anyway why not get a souvenir in the process. Convert your cash to Disney gift cards. They come in a TON of different designs and you can take them home afterwards as an awesome souvenir.

Best Souvenirs at Disneyland Gift Cards | LovePaperCrafts.com

10. Photos

This one is a given right? I mean everyone takes photos while at Disneyland. Consider going above and beyond and buying the photo pass. This will get you all of your photos taken by CM’s in the park and it includes ALL of the the ride photos. It’s especially helpful if you have a large group of people because you can add everyone’s photos and download them all.

Best Souvenirs at Disneyland Photos | LovePaperCrafts.com

So what kind of a memory keeper are you? Do you like to scrapbook and feature only a few photos on a page? Do you fill up pocket pages? Maybe you like to throw all of your souvenirs and photos into a memory box or maybe you send your photos to Walgreens and have them print a mini book. Either way, you will want to pick up or keep a few of these souvenirs. Post cards, park maps and tickets are especially fun to tape inside an album to add an interactive element.

What are your favorite Disneyland souvenirs? Let us know in the comments down below.

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