Christmas Time Crafts

I think one of my favorite parts of Christmas is the crafts. I love making things and anything DIY so of course, I have to make some of my Christmas presents by hand. Today I finished two really easy, really simple projects.

The first was a piece of framed art. The person I made this for absolutely adores the Beatles so I wanted to make a very classy piece. The frame itself only cost me about $6 on sale at Michaels and the pictures were found on the internet by googling ‘Beatles Wallpaper’. I printed each one out on premium photo paper and taped them to the guide. This is the result. I left it black and white just because I thought that would look the most modern. Simple, simple, simple. The frame could be altered but because I was making this for a male I figured it would be best to keep it simple.


The second gift I made was for the same person. In addition to being a Beatles fan he loves chocolate (who doesn’t!). I picked up these stackable boxes at Michaels for around $3.50. I also picked up some individually wrapped chocolate and filled each box with different flavors. Ta da! A very easy gift box of chocolate that didn’t cost $30.


More Christmas crafts to come. I am currently working on a desk calendar and a recipe book. Stay tuned!

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