Easy Watercolor Card Tutorial

Watercolor Card | LovePaperCrafts.com
Watercolor Card | LovePaperCrafts.com

Watercolors are so on trend right now. Playing with watercolor is fun and it’s awesome to see all the colors blend and come out with an amazing creation. This easy watercolor card tutorial is fast and simple. You can easily make a set of cards in all different colors with some basic supplies.

Easy Watercolor Card Tutorial | LovePaperCrafts.com

When making these watercolor cards you can use any number of colors but I like to stick with just 2. I find them easier to blend when I only use two and I can get better color payout. The more colors that you add the harder it will be to blend. I also like to use complimentary or like colors.

Pretty Blue Watercolor Card | LovePaperCrafts.com

Pretty Watercolor Card | LovePaperCrafts.com

You can use different color stamping inks to create unique looks as well. I tried both black and colored inks to match the card I was making. I prefer the look of the colored inks on top of the watercolors.

Watercolor Card Tutorial | LovePaperCrafts.com

Try this method out for yourself, even if you think you can’t paint. It’s super easy and takes just a couple of minutes to do each card. Here is a quick video on how to make this easy watercolor card tutorial.

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